The Estate Cleaning Process

Steps For An Estate Cleanout


When dealing with an estate clean out you need to look at a few different facets that will have to be dealt with in this situation. Problems that may have occurred over the course of time include clutter build up, grime developing, and general home maintenance neglect. One of the main concerns is dealing with all of the items that have been accumulated need to be sorted, organized, donated, given to family members, etc. However, these are services that will possibly need to occur. Our specially trained crews will be more than willing to help in the estate clean out of the property.

The estate cleanout process generally involves an older property. Many of the problems in the property were caused by the former resident being unable to take care of the property. What are examples of processes that need to be done in order to get the property back to a livable or sellable condition?

  • Items which can be removed include old clothing and furniture. These items could be donated or thrown away depending upon their condition. Also, the family may want to keep these items for themselves if they are valuable or sentimental.
  • Deep cleaning different areas of the home that have not been cleaned in many years during a cleanout is important. This could have been caused by ill-health, or the lack of physical ability to remove items from the estate. The deep cleaning would require a scrubbing, wiping, and vacuuming of all surfaces inside of the home. Our specially trained crews can help remove any grime, dirt, and filth that had built up over the preceding years.
  • Home repair is necessary during the estate cleanout process. Many parts of the home have been neglected for an extended period. The repairs are necessary in order to bring the houses up to code and sellable condition to settle the estate.

Here at Address Our Mess we are here to help those families who are in need of our specialty cleaning services. We are compassionate about the needs of helping with the removal of loved ones items and understand the difficulty of the estate clean out process. Our crews are professionally trained to handle any specialty cleaning or repair situations that may be necessary in the estate cleanout process.

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