Maintaining an Organized Home

Have An Organized Home?

Organized HomeYou try to maintain an organized home; you really do. After buying an abundance of storage solutions and labels, constantly watching home improvement shows for the best tips, and even trying color coding or alphabetizing to create order, but even with these attempts, your home never seems to stay organized for very long. If children are involved, there is also the additional obstacle of toys and mini humans running around adding to the chaos. Sound familiar? Staying organized is possible and doesn’t have to be overwhelming or laborious.

Here are some helpful tips to help you maintain an organized residence:

  • Take it little by little. Organizing a home does not have to be a big, one-time project. Make it a little easier on yourself and begin organizing little by little, working on one area at a time.
  • Find a focal point. You know you want to work section by section now, but you’re overwhelmed trying to decide where to start. Try to focus on one problem at a time. Start with something that seems to be the most urgent, such as unsorted mail which could contain time-dependent documents. Focus on the task at hand until it is completed, and then you can move on to the next task after so as not to be overwhelmed.
  • De-clutter your home. An assortment of unnecessary items will add to clutter and mess consuming your home. Part with items which you no longer have a purpose for or of which you may have duplicates. If there is too much clutter to clear alone, professional cleaning services can help you sort and remove the excess items. Try donating items that are in good condition so someone in need can utilize items you no longer want/need.
  • Recruit some help. No one said you need to do this cleanup project solo. Recruit the help of friends and/or family. You can even make a game out of it or bribe your helpers with pizza or unwanted belongings they find.
  • Use those storage solutions and labels. Sort and organize belongings with the help of storage and labels by categorizing similar items. This will allow for easier accessibility and help you to avoid losing items in the midst of a mess.
  • Make it fun! Cleaning and organizing don’t have to be dreary tasks. Play some music, play a game with your helpers, or make a scavenger hunt out of it.
  • Now that you’ve cleaned and organized your home, here’s a helpful tip to maintain this newfound organization. Avoid procrastination. We all do it, but when it comes to clutter, the mess and disorganization will continue to grow when left unaddressed. Put clothes away right away, do not leave dishes in the sink unwashed, and put paperwork away. Make sure you keep placing these items in their appropriate locations, rather than throwing them anywhere that’s out of sight and out of mind.

Organizing your home does not need to be an impossible, arduous job. Follow these helpful tips to help organize your home and maintain that clean, orderly atmosphere.

Tue, 12/08/2015 - 13:00 by Kenneth Donnelly