Support Groups

Find Support for Hoarders

Listed below are some resources for your hoarding situation, when helping a hoarder please remember to keep their opinions and ideas in mind. Support groups and hiring the proper cleanup companies are an important aspect of cleaning up the home successfully.

Hoarding Support Groups:

The Anxiety and Depression Association of America
The Anxiety and Depression Association of America has some helpful information on obsessive compulsive disorder and tips to help you further along in the process.

Support Groups For Various Topics
Support Groups has a variety of questions and forums dealing with Hoarding and cases involving having a hoarder as a friend or family member. It is a great place to delve right in and ask your questions or read about other people’s experience.

Dual Diagnosis.Org
This organization helps individuals who suffer from the addictions and mental health issues. They are here to help in treating and working with people, to help them straighten out their lives.

International OCD Foundation
IOCRDF Hoarding Center has a full list of reputable therapists and organizations for support and help with hoarding and other OCD situations. It’s an information website which can help to understand the OCD objectives and situations.

Many cities and towns have their own Hoarding Task Force, the local task force can help to levitate some of the pressures in approaching a hoarder and dealing with situation. Every situation is unique and making sure you understand the full repercussions of what you say is important. Learn as much as you can, while Address Our Mess provides many useful articles on Hoarding on Address Our Mess Resources section, the hoarding condition can have many unique situations.

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