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Hoarding Support Groups

Listed below are hoarding support group resources. Support groups can be an important aspect of the recovery process for some hoarders, in combination with mental health treatment and cleaning. Please see our list of briefly summarized hoarding support group resources below!

Social Media Hoarding Support Groups:

Social media and chatroom-based support groups are effective ways to find people who may have gone or are going through a similar situation to yours.

The Anxiety and Depression Association of America
The Anxiety and Depression Association of America has some helpful information on obsessive compulsive disorder and provides peer to peer support communities. has a variety of forums dealing with hoarding and having a hoarder as a friend or family member. It is a great place to ask questions about hoarding and or read about other people’s experiences. helps individuals who suffer from addictions and mental health issues in a variety of ways to help you go through the recovery process. They can help find the best support group for your situation.

International OCD Foundation (IOCDF)
The IOCDF has a full list of reputable therapists and organizations for support and help with OCD and hoarding disorder. It is also an information website, which can help people understand hoarding disorder and OCD with well written articles on relevant topics.

Note: In addition to the support groups listed above, you may find help from a local hoarding task force, many cities and towns have their own local hoarding task force, which you can find online. Local hoarding task forces can help to alleviate some of the pressures of approaching a hoarder for cleanup and can help you find a hoarding support group.  

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