Hoarding Cleanup Service

Address Our Mess specializes in Hoarding Clean Up, our staff knows how to relate and treat a hoarder. Hoarding Clean Up is a serious issue, and dealing with the hoarder and realizing what the reasons they have become a hoarder is important to solving the hoarding issue. Our employees know how important it is to work with the hoarder for the hoarding clean up situation.

Professional Hoarders Cleanup Company

Hoarding cleaning comes down to many aspects but when searching for a professional cleaning company always consider what the company specializes in doing as a major service. Compassionate individuals are important and having the proper training to accomplish a hoarding clean up is important. The company should carry the proper insurance as there are often times many unknown's in a hoarding clean up situation. A restoration company or company that specializes in other services may not be the best company to hire. This is why Address Our Mess was created, to specialize with hoarders or just massive cleanup situations. The team is trained specifically for clean up situations with individuals with many items or individuals who just want to remove items from the home. If you are or aren't a hoarder but have a lot of stuff to get rid of, give us a call today.

If you are a hoarder and feel ashamed and embarrassed of the condition, you live in you’re not alone. It is estimated that 2-5 % of people in the world has some degree of hoarding issues. According to the US Census there are 311 million people living in the United States. Instead of using the 2-5 % estimate let’s assume there is only 1% of the USA population that has hoarding issues. That means there are 3 million people who live in some hoarding situation that may need help. The reason you don’t know this is because hoarders hide their condition and are embarrassed if the public knew. Hoarders tend to hide their clutter from the outside world which includes family and relatives of the hoarder.

Specialized Clean Up Services

Address Our Mess is a professional hoarders cleaning and organizational expert that specializes in cleanup services. Unlike a traditional junk hauler that has junk cleanup written all over their truck advertising to the world your condition, Address Our Mess is committed to protecting your privacy. Privacy is important when dealing with hoarders cleaning help and our goal is to transform your living condition into a respectful living space that you can be proud to bring your friends and family back. Best of all we have the processes to prevent others from ever knowing you had an issue in the first place. Imagine having family and friends over to visit, cook for, and just to hang out and watch television.

Hoarding Cleanup ServiceAddress Our Mess Hoarding Clean Up Includes:

  • An assigned case manager that will help “ hold your hand “ through the whole process
  • No judgments will be made of the hoarders or situation
  • Case managers and our trained assistants will be compassionate and caring throughout the whole process
  • Blank vehicles not advertising what we are doing
  • No conversations with anyone except you or your designated representative
  • Sorting and organizational service for the hoarders items
  • Dumpsters and trucks available for hauling unwanted items

Hoarding Cleanup

Understanding The Hoarder

Address Our Mess understands that the possessions in your home aren’t junk or trash. Understanding that these are items which have meaning to you. We understand that a plan must be in place before we start, so that your needs and emotions are considered to get your home into a livable condition. The company is fully insured and has certificates of insurance available upon request. The company is rated well on BBB and has customer testimonials to back up our hoarding cleaning work.


Hoarders Cleaning services are for the removal of "stuff" from the house with trained and expert technicians who are professional and compassionate towards the hoarders cleaning situation. If needing a hoarders cleaning quote, don't be afraid to contact us for a free estimate without any obligation or strong sales pitch.

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