Online Help for Hoarders

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The internet is a great resource for help with hoarding disorder, for hoarders themselves, and their loved ones. Below is a list of our favorite online resources that hoarders and their loved ones can use to help clean, organize, and recover!

Resource Options:

  • Social Media Help for Hoarders (Support Groups)
  • Online Hoarding Disorder Resources
  • Research from Educational Institutions
  • Hoarding Disorder Therapists
  • Hoarding Blogs

Social Media Help for Hoarders (Support Groups):

Social media can help hoarders by connecting them with people who are going through or have gone through a similar situation to their own, through support groups. Support groups can provide people with peer support and or information on hoarding from other members of the support group. See our hoarding support group list below!

In addition to support from peers through social media, the internet can be used for basic research about hoarding disorder. See our list of online hoarding disorder resources below!

Online Hoarding Disorder Resources:

Educational institutions also provide great information on hoarding, publicly, for free, on their websites. See our list of educational institutions with information on hoarding below!

Research from Educational Institutions:

Hoarding therapists can also be found using several websites available for free online. See our list of local hoarding therapist finder websites below!

Hoarding Disorder Therapists:

Hoarding blogs are a great way to learn about hoarding and how to help hoarders clean. See our hoarding blogs list below!

Hoarding Blogs:

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