Junk Removal – It shouldn’t be Complicated!

Junk Removal – It shouldn’t be Complicated!

For most homeowners and businesses, removing unwanted items from their home and/or office is a simple process; they call a company and set an appointment for the work to be done. Unfortunately, it is rarely that easy. Junk hauling/removal companies have taken a very simple process and made it much more complicated than necessary. Below are some examples of situations that real people have found themselves in after hiring a junk removal company.

Performing the Work on a Timely Basis

As most homeowners know, hiring someone to perform work at your home requires you to miss hours from work! It seems as though all companies give you a range of hours they will arrive, not an actual time. Unfortunately, the range of time is often several hours long to give the company more flexibility with their schedule. So, imagine your frustration when you take time off from work and no one shows up or even calls! Regrettably, this is a fairly regular scenario with many junk hauling companies. Customers complain that they show up hours later than they were scheduled – if they show up at all. This certainly does not make you feel very good about the company you hired!

Security Concerns

When having someone enter into your home or business, you want to be sure that you can trust the company and the people they are sending. Finding quality employees is a real challenge for all businesses and junk hauling companies are no exception. As this industry continues to grow quickly, finding qualified employee’s gets harder and harder. What makes this even more of a challenge for junk companies is that their positions do not require specialized job training, so anyone can apply for these jobs and will have the necessary skills. The savvy home and business owner will ask any junk hauling / removing company they are considering hiring if their employees have had background checks. This
gives you the best chance of having the most honest and safe people in your home or office.

Protecting your Home and/or Office

Anytime someone is working in your home or office, there is a chance of accidents and/or damage. You need to be sure that any junk removal or hauling company you hire has enough insurance to cover any damages that may occur at your home. This can be verified by asking the company to provide you with a Certificate of Insurance. This document confirms the company has insurance and verifies the amount of coverage. This is so important because if the company does not have insurance and any damage occurs,
you will have to pay for it out of pocket, or go through your own insurance – possibly causing your rates to go up!

The bottom line is that a little research on your part can be the difference between a job that goes according to schedule and on budget and one that leaves you with another mess to clean-up at the end!

Fri, 04/13/2012 - 13:01 by Kenneth Donnelly