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Communities with deteriorating properties may see an increase in crime rates and a decrease in property values. Vacant buildings, garbage, ill-cared for lawns, and deteriorating residences contribute to poor community conditions. Code enforcement officers are people that enforce codes, rules and regulations in order to maintain safe and healthy property conditions. These individuals help maintain and preserve the quality of communities.

Code enforcement officers play a crucial role in daily community operations and quality of life. Their duties have a direct impact on property values and community image. It is inevitable that a property will age with the progression of time. By enforcing property standards and working to keep up with aging, deteriorating properties, the code enforcement officers are able to combat community imperfections and loss of value.

Some struggles that code enforcement officials face include:

  • Vacant buildings
  • Garbage and clutter
  • Unkempt lawns full of tall grass and weeds
  • Graffiti and property destruction

Studies reveal that communities with poor conditions tend to attract more crime. With increased crime rates community members usually face a drop in property values, resulting in difficulty selling their home and getting their desired profit from the sale of the home. In addition to deterring crime and maintaining (or in some cases increasing property values), code enforcement officials also maintain the safety and well-being of the community by ensuring the maintenance of habitable property conditions. Properties with hoarding, fire code violations, and unsanitary living conditions can put the health and lives of residents at risk. Enforcing ordinances such as fire codes, building codes, and general property standards is crucial and lifesaving.

With increasing financial and housing concerns, the position of code enforcement officers is even more vital. Foreclosed properties and bankruptcies are on the rise, making it more difficult for communities to manage property conditions. In some situations the home owners may destroy the home out of anger, resulting in vacant properties full of clutter, trash, and even biohazards. These situations need the combination of code enforcement officials and professional heavy duty cleaning services in order to restore such neglected properties. The continual efforts of code enforcement officers sustain the quality of properties and the community.

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Fri, 01/08/2016 - 03:00 by Kenneth Donnelly