What to Expect from an Extreme Cleaning Service?

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Extreme cleaning has become a byword for the most severe cleaning projects, combining overwhelming clutter with filth cleanup. These projects have become a larger focus, in part because as a society that embraces consumerism, people become more prone to increasing the clutter in their home through compulsive shopping. Compulsive shopping can create a home that has a significant amount of clutter and filth that builds up if it is not properly organized and cleaned, creating a need for extreme cleanup. When clutter becomes too overwhelming to address yourself, the ability to sanitize and clean those areas of the home is made impossible, leading to neglect by the owner of the home. When buying compulsively, people tend to buy duplicate and unnecessary items which increases clutter in the home if there is never a purge or removal of items, eventually the house will be full of clutter and an unhealthy and unsanitary home environment may be the result. Given the size of the project and potential danger of being exposed to safety hazards many people choose to use a professional extreme cleaning service for the project. Below, read more about what you should expect from a reputable extreme cleaning service!

Will all items need to be removed & cleaned during an extreme cleaning project?

Yes, extreme cleaning projects, which usually involve homes that have not been cleaned for a long time will require sanitization, which means that items in the home will have to be (when approved) moved, cleaned, and replaced. With so many items in the home some will most likely need to be disposed of or donated to charity (both requiring approval from the owner). All items and surfaces believed to represent a biohazard risk will need to be cleaned.

Examples of Some Biohazards that may be Present in a Home Include:

  • Rotting food 
  • Animals (or pests/insects) residing in the property may leave animal waste and or spread disease
  • Harmful bacteria and viruses that may be found on any items or surfaces in the home

Once the items have been removed a deep cleaning must be done. Extreme cleaning involves cleaning everything from floor to ceiling, to ensure that the items placed back into a room and the surfaces of that room are cleaned and sanitized. This thorough scrubbing can remove any possible contaminants from the walls and other areas that can harbor bacteria or filth that can affect a person's health. Any areas of the home that are suspected of being contaminated with biohazards need to be deep cleaned and sanitized.

What are Examples of Clutter Typically Found in Extreme Cleaning Situations:

  • Duplicate items (books, printers, furniture, clothes, home goods, etc.)
  • Broken items
  • Expired food

The amount of clutter and filth needed to be cleaned in extreme cleaning situations represents a project that most individuals cannot complete on their own. A reputable extreme cleanup company will be able to efficiently bring your home back to a safe and livable condition.

At Address Our Mess, our expert cleaning technicians will help clean your extreme cleaning project using specialized methods to clean your property from top to bottom. Our primary goal is to ensure that the property owner is given a safe and clean environment to come back too.

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