Illegal Dumping of Junk

Can you be in trouble for a Junk Hauling Company you hire illegally dumping your trash and junk?

Many home and business owners are surprised to discover that City and County Governments are cracking down on illegal dumping. While this is a great thing, you may not realize how this affects you.

Anytime you hire a contractor to work in your home or office, you are responsible for ensuring they have proper insurance, legal employees and do not do anything illegal with your trash! Unfortunately, many home and business owners have learned this the hard way.

If the company that was hired to perform your work can not provide proof that they legally disposed of your items, the person responsible for hiring the company can get fined – or even jailed!! This is quite a high price to pay for going with the cheapest bid!

The unfortunate truth is that running a legitimate business is very expensive. Insurance, taxes, licenses, payroll, etc. can make it a challenge for anyone. Especially when there are cut-rate companies offering to do the work for less than you can afford to charge. But, the lower price can cost you much more in the long-run. Because these companies charge less, they are probably not carrying insurance, background checked employees and are going to illegally dump your things to save money even further.

While you may think that it will not be easy to track you down with your discarded items, know that government agencies are hiring private investigators to find the culprit in these situations. These individuals scour the dumped items to get clues about the owners!

The dangers of illegal dumping are plummeting property values, which cost the government in taxes and revenue, rodents such as rats, stray cats, raccoons, etc. which present health and safety hazards, as well as harmful odors and diseases.

As you now know, there are liabilities that you can face regarding the company that you hire. It is vital that you do your homework and find a reputable and responsible company for your business. This just may save you more money and peace of mind in the end!

Fri, 04/13/2012 - 09:14 by Kenneth Donnelly