Pest Control and Hoarding Problems

Hoarding Pest Control ProblemsHoarding situations can create a significant pest problem for hoarders and their neighbors. What causes a pest problem to elevate to a level where an exterminator must come in to fumigate or exterminate the pests? The property conditions can be one of the main causes of pests taking up residence in the property, especially due to household items creating the perfect living environment.

Different types of hoarding situations can call for the involvement of a pest control company. Paper hoarding cases can attract vermin such as mice or rats, who make their nests out of paper products. These vermin can bring insects with them, such as fleas and bed bugs. These parasitic insects feed off the blood of other animals and humans as their food source. The clutter problems inside the property provide the perfect home for these pests because they can burrow into a property’s various nooks and holes. If there is filth from old food or feces, especially in animal hoarding scenarios,  this is a true pest haven, as many of the insects eat and reproduce in animal filth.  Another major pest concern that can accompany hoarding is termite damage.

Termite damage can be brought on by neglect of critical sections of the home.  Clutter can result in the inability to see what is occurring in the home, and a termite problem may go on for years unnoticed. However, before a pest control company can remove the pests, their hiding locations need to be eliminated in order to properly treat the areas of infestation.

Pest control companies need clear areas in order to spray or catch the pests that are infesting the property. A hoarding situation makes it difficult to take care of a pest situation because the clutter makes it difficult to find the homes or nests. The clutter also makes the products and traps used by the pest control company less effective. In some cases hoarders ask if the pest control company can still do the project, despite the clutter; however, the pest control company turns it down in many cases because they are unable to solve the problem.  What can be done to help solve the pest problems?

A specialty hoarding cleanup service should be called to help remove the clutter from the home. With the removal of the clutter from the property, the pest control company can either spray or lay the traps necessary to mitigate the pest problem. Without the clutter in the home, these various creatures no longer have a place to hide, thus making the pest removal process more fluid and effective. Once the pest removal process has been completed correctly, the hoarding cleanup service can further clean the home without the fear of pest re-infestation.

Clutter is the natural home of pests, and the clutter makes the pest control company’s project near impossible to do. Contact Address Our Mess, a specialty cleaning company that can assist a hoarder with clutter removal, before contacting a local pest control company.  Though hoarders are generally protective of their items, but they must understand that they must rid themselves of unnecessary clutter in order to obtain a healthy living standard.

Mon, 11/30/2015 - 14:19 by Kenneth Donnelly