How to Clean a Hoarder's House

Looking to get your property back to a safe and sanitized condition? This is important to you as a hoarder, clutterer, or property manager. Returning a home to a safe and sanitary condition is important to do in order to keep all individuals who enter or live in the property safe from health hazards. Too often, items gathered by a hoarder can be a biohazard nightmare, which can endanger the health and wellbeing of the hoarder and their loved ones. This is why properly cleaning up after a hoarder is important to the recovery of the hoarder.

How to Clean a Hoarder's House?

Cleaning a Hoarder’s House Step by Step:

1. Inquiring:

The first step is to contact us! The hardest part is seeking help, this is why we make sure to respond quickly and effectively. There will be no judgment and everything will be kept completely confidential. Our customer service rep will gather the information needed and answer any basic questions. Your information will be passed to the estimator in your area who will best serve you.

2. Assessment:

Each situation is completely unique and we will treat it as such. The estimator will call and set up the date and time to meet at the property for an onsite free estimate. This is when we will set up your customized plan of action with you and schedule any services and help you find a hoarding mental health professional if needed.

3. Sorting:

This is the step that sets us apart from other companies! Our team of specialists will help you sort through your clutter one area at a time. We take care of the disposal and the delivery of your donations to your favorite charity.

4. The 3-Container Method: (A very popular method for sorting that we like to use is the 3-container method):

-You take 3 containers:

  • Keep
  • Remove
  • Store

Then go one room at a time separating out the items into the 3 containers based on the wishes of the hoarder. Sometimes there is a 4th container for donation or selling if the hoarder wishes.

If you are unsure of whether you want to get rid of something or not try our guide on the organization decision making process.

5. Organizing:

Our dedicated staff will work with you to return your home to a healthy functional environment once again. We will make sure that everything that is kept at the end of the sorting process has its place in your home made new again!

6. Cleaning:

Whether its broom swept or full-service cleaning we can make sure your home is sanitized and cleaned to your satisfaction!

We remove the items that could be potentially contaminated by bacteria and other biological hazards, porous items should be thrown out, these tend to be smaller items such as clothing, paper products, and more. Nonporous items should be thoroughly wiped down and sterilized, these tend to be larger items such as wooden tables, chairs, bookshelves, and more.

After the individual items have been wiped down or removed the rest of the home needs to be thoroughly deep cleaned. Deep cleaning of the home requires the entirety of the home to be wiped down from floor to ceiling. This is done with the help of our technicians who scrub every square foot of the home using disinfectant and other cleaning products.

A thorough wipe down of the home allows for the removal of the grime and filth that has built up over time that could not be reached due to the buildup of items on all surfaces of the room.

Address Our Mess has the ability to handle any cleaning and or sanitation project, large or small. Post hoarding cleanup we will help protect the former hoarder from any residual effects of hoarding by deep cleaning and sanitizing surfaces.

Call 410-589-2747 for more information. We are here to help!

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