Hoarding Specialists

Certified Hoarding Specialist

When hoarders or their family members decide to take the initial step toward a happier, healthier lifestyle by choosing a hoarding cleaning service, many are faced with the uncertainty of what a hoarding specialist can do for them and their particular situation.

Reputable hoarder specialists put the person suffering from the hoarding condition above all else.  The needs, desires, fears, and privacy of the hoarder are all taken into consideration during the entire process.  Hoarding specialists are here to ensure that the deep cleaning project is always done with dignity and respect.

Hoarding specialists work intimately with the hoarder to make sure the project is done efficiently and up to their standards.  Objects are sorted one by one so that the owner does not have to worry about valuables or keepsakes being displaced during the cleaning process.  All objects in the home are categorized into three main categories by the hoarding specialists.

Trash/Garbage Clean Up

Josh Rafter Hoarding Specialist
Josh Rafter, Hoarding Specialist

Any items that could cause health risks, structural damage to the property, or attract rodents and pests is discarded safely.  This includes spoiled food, boxes, containers, wrappers, soiled items (dishes, utensils, clothing, etc.) and hazardous materials.

Biohazards are also addressed during the deep cleaning process.  Especially if animal hoarding cleanup is needed, items affected by feces, urine, vomit, or other bodily fluids is either properly disposed of or deep cleaned by the Hoarding Specialists.


In many cases, items in a hoard are perfectly fine to use or admire on a regular basis.  However, because living spaces are only so large and people can only use so many items regularly, hoarding specialists assist in finding charitable causes that could use the extra items that are not being used.

Hoarding specialists work carefully with home owners to choose a charitable cause that befits them and their family.  Once a charity is chosen, items are decided upon and sorted to make sure donations are separate from important items that should be kept in the home.

Once the donations have been chosen, hoarding specialists will arrange for transportation of the items to be donated in the name of the home owner and their family.

Keepsakes and Collectibles

Jeff Cohn Hoarding Specialist
Jeff Cohn Hoarding Specialist

Taking care and appreciating one’s belongings is of the utmost importance to a hoarding specialist.  The ultimate goal is to create a happy, healthy living environment for home owners to live in.  Throwing away and disposing of every item in the home is not the goal.

Keepsakes, valuables, and collectibles are sorted, cleaned (if necessary), and returned back to their rightful place in the home.  Hoarders can take a big step in their recovery process just be finding and restoring lost valuables that were once buried amongst countless unusable items.

Once the organizing and sorting process has been complete, a deep cleaning and sanitation process will be conducted by the hoarding specialists.  This will ensure that the home owners’ health and the health of their family will remain intact long after the deep cleaning process has been completed.


For information from a Hoarding Specialists, or for answers to many hoarding questions, please call the number at the top of the page.

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