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Helping Hoarders Families

Hoarding not only effects the individual who are suffering with the illness but close and distant family members. When looking at the hoarding situation these families are often overlooked and forgotten due to the direction of the main problem which is their loved ones hoarding tendencies. What people should look at is not just the health of the hoarder but the effects of the tendencies on their loved ones as well.

Close family friends would be individuals who live within the hoarder’s home and have direct contact with them every day. These are the ones that suffer the most from the hoarder’s problems, because of them being in direct contact. The overflow from the hoarder’s tendencies can spill into their personal living spaces such as their bedroom. When this occurs, and they try to remove the mess, often the hoarder can become aggressive with them, thereby creating an untenable situation. This constant strain is not a pleasant situation.

Distant relatives can also be effected by the after effects of the hoarding situation from the standpoint of not realizing how bad the situation has gotten without them knowing it. These are often immediate relatives who are busy or live too far away to have noticed how far this situation has progressed. There is a sense of guilt that is felt among these family members who feel as if they should have done more to prevent the situation, but this is out of their control and realm of expertise. This is where a hoarding cleaning company can be helpful in the rebuilding process of the family.

A cleaning of the hoarders’ property can start a healthy healing process of the family that has been effected by the situation. First off, it allows for more open communication with the family members living in the situation and shows how the damaged relationships can be repaired with the removal of the clutter. This can lead to a de-cluttering of the mind and with it this will help in the healing process. Also, the relatives who live a great distance will be able to see the immediate change in their loved ones personality. Address Our Mess can help in this process and can get family’s back on a fresh start from hoarding.

Tue, 07/29/2014 - 15:48 by Kenneth Donnelly