5 Methods to Help Senior Hoarding

It may seem like the elderly individuals within your life retain so many material items. With age comes great clutter. Often, belongings increase over the years; therefore, the more years a person has within their life, the more possessions they may own, generally speaking.

help senior hoarding

There are various reasons why senior citizens are prone to hoarding. Seniors may retain items due to sentimental attachment, the physical inability to maintain their residence, loneliness, fear of losing things, and other reasons. The problem with holding on to so many belongings throughout the years is that these items can impede on the life of the resident(s). Many dangers accompany excess clutter, such as tripping hazards, falling objects, fire hazards, financial distresses, and psychological ailments (e.g. anxiety, depression, etc.).
A lifetime of item accumulation can become overwhelming. There are methods to help:

  1. Acknowledge the problem. Denying an issue will simply make it worse rather than make it disappear. Being honest about an issue opens up doors for help.
  2. Do your research. It is crucial to know about a problem before you can address it; hoarding is no exception. Develop an understanding of what hoarding is as well as available resources to help with hoarding.
  3. Talk with the hoarder. Sometimes the individual is unaware or even in denial of a problem. Informing the hoarder of the situation and potential dangers can help bring to light the seriousness of the matter. Discuss how to remedy the hoarding situation and develop a plan together. Refer to our Hoarding Help Do’s and Don’ts Guide to know what to do (and what to avoid) when approaching a hoarder.
  4. Find a specialized cleaning company. Not all cleaning companies are equipped to handle hoarding situations. Look for a specialized hoarding cleanup company in your area to help clear the clutter and sanitize the home. Address Our Mess services many locations on the eastern half of the United States, providing compassionate, discrete, effective services.
  5. Consider a therapist. Hoarding may not be completely resolved by just the physical clean up. Combining hoarding cleaning with mental health services is a more effective solution as it will not only restore the home but also help to put a stop to continuing hoarding habits.

Hoarding is a sensitive matter so approach it appropriately. Hoarding is not only a physical issue but it is also psychological, so talk to a doctor or qualified mental health professional. Therapists are a great resource to help address the psychological aspects of hoarding for a more permanent solution. Some communities have hoarding task forces that are able to help with hoarding situations. The physical clutter needs to be addressed as quickly as possible to eliminate any possible physical hazards. Contact a specialized hoarding cleaning company, such as Address Our Mess, in order to ensure the property is properly cleaned out. Address Our Mess works side-by-side with you in order to restore a safe, sanitary property and ensure your satisfaction.

Tue, 11/29/2016 - 12:56 by Kenneth Donnelly