Heavy Duty Cleaning Service

Sometimes homeowners need a bit more than a weekend for house cleaning. Sometimes the old excuse, “I’ll tidy up tomorrow,” or “I’ll wait until next week to clean,” turn into a bigger project that you may have bargained for. Address Our Mess is here to solve the looming house-cleaning problems in your home!

Heavy Duty House Cleaning

Address Our Mess is not a typical maid service who may come once in a while to “tidy” or “spruce up” the home. Our specialists are trained and certified to handle the deepest cleaning projects imaginable. From clutter waist deep, to broken pipes and toilets, to rodent and animal droppings, Address Our Mess can handle anything.

Heavy duty house cleaning is a one-time, deep clean that gives homeowners a fresh start to living in a healthier environment. Our deep cleaning services include:

  •  Organizing and Sorting
  •  Bathroom Deep Cleaning
  •  Kitchen Deep Cleaning
  •  Carpet Cleaning or Replacing
  •  Hardwood Floor Cleaning or Polishing
  •  Exterior Cleaning (including porches, sun-rooms, sheds and storage units)

Homeowners are in complete control of the heavy duty housecleaning project. Items will be sorted into three main categories:

  •  Trash/Garbage
  •  Donations
  •  Keepsakes

Address Our Mess specialists will consult with you first before discarding any item. We will handle the responsibilities of hauling away all garbage once the project is complete. Our project manager will work in conjunction with the homeowner to choose a charitable organization who will distribute unwanted items to people and communities in need. Finally, all keepsakes and collectibles will be returned to their rightful place in your home.

Choosing the right house cleaning services may seem difficult. A reputable service professional will provide an in-home estimate to provide peace of mind in knowing that the project will be done right the first time. Once the project is complete, specialists will also offer tips and advice on how to properly organize and sort the items in your home so you can enjoy a happier lifestyle

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