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Hoarding can happen anywhere, however it's a bigger issue when your neighbors are so close, such as in an apartment building. Hoarding can be a health hazard for the neighbors as well as the apartment tenant and in an apartment building it can carry a bigger risk of eviction. In cities this can be a big issue as there are limited resources and space and most of the population lives in apartments or row homes. While Texas does have a lot of land, it's population are mostly in cities. In a list of cities by population, Texas has 3 in the top 10. This means Texas has a bigger hoarding issue than most states, but the good news that means more resources to help as well.


Signs of Hoarding

  • Buildup of clutter that blocks either pathways, furniture, or entire rooms
  • Overwhelmed or loss of energy feeling upon seeing or entering a room with clutter
  • Not letting anyone inside including repairmen and avoiding inviting anyone over
  • A need to take free items (condiment & sugar packets, flyers) regardless of need
  • Losing important items in the clutter like bills, legal documents, and favorite items
  • A purchasing items without an immediate need or stocking up unnecessarily
  • Replacing a new appliance and putting it next to the broken one

Hoarding Cleanup

The cleanup process requires communication and saying or doing the wrong thing can shut down the line of communication. Read our do's and don'ts of hoarding before confronting someone with a hoarding condition. Keeping calm about the situation and treating the objects in the environment as the hoarder's possessions and not clutter or junk will go a long way to keeping up the communication and open the path to cleanup. Hoarding shouldn't be treated as a bad habit that can easily be rectified. Hoarding is classified in DSM 5 (Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders) as a separate from OCD. Compulsive hoarding affects approximately 700,000 to 1.4 million people in the US.

Texas Resources


NAMI Central Texas

Alive Austin - Affordable Counseling

For Students – Children of hoarders:

Support Group:

Copper Bridge Counseling, PLLC - Family as Motivators
Austin, TX 78702

Call Mrs. Laura Acuna Zavalney
(512) 271-4249


Mental Health America of Greater Dallas

NAMI North Texas

National Association of Productivity and Organization Dallas/Fort Worth Chapter


Hoarding Ordinance

All of Texas

Texas PricePoint- Resource for Information on Texas Hospitals

Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals of Texas

Pawsitively Texas - Animal Help Group

List of resources for all types of help

Hoarding Therapist

ABCT - Association for Behavioral and Cognitive Therapies

ADAA - Anxiety and Depression Association of America

IOCDF - International OCD Foundation

Online Communities

Hoarding Facts

  • Hoarding is linked to a traumatic event, childhood abuse, or neglect
  • There are different types of hoarding.
  • Hoarding runs in the family.
  • Hoarding can affect the mind causing stress, anxiety, and loss of energy.

Texas Hoarding Resources
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