Encampment Cleanup Service

Neglected Area Cleanup Such As Encampment Sites

Your community has a homeless problem, but what can you do about it? With the economy improving more; more of the encampments are becoming abandoned. These individuals were pushed out onto the street because of a home that was a foreclosure, job loss, or even their own landlords’ foreclosure. A result is that they had to tent themselves or find shelters in areas that were not normally well policed. These groupings in many cases became full-fledged communities or encampments where these individuals congregated. What do these encampments look like?


Homeless encampments are generally made up of tent structures and shack like buildings that are made up of old parts and garbage.  These structures are particularly unhygienic for individuals and their family members that may be living with them. Many of these areas have jerry rigged electrical systems that are potential fire hazards. Also, many of these encampments do not have basic sanitation, so the potential of diseases and other biological hazards are greatly alleviated. Encampments, pose other dangers as well.

Encampments can cause trouble for those properties neighboring the site. These properties from industrial to residential can be affected by the overflow of crime, smells, or other factors that can be potential negatives to the site. Generally crime is pervasive in these areas, because law enforcement cannot risk its personnel being injured in this type of environment. What would be necessary to clean these areas out once the residents of the encampment have moved on?

A cleaning of the area would need to be done in order to remove any potential hazards that could result in bodily harm. Examples of this would be broken glass, old nails, needles, and other problems that encampment sites bring with them.  Also, the structure would need to be removed from the area, because of it being a potential fall hazard, because of the structure being built as a make shift structure. The ground would also need to be cleared of biological impediments that were brought on by the people living in their own health.

Address Our Mess is a specialty cleaning company that has the staff to take on an encampment cleanup problem in a municipality. Our trained technicians can help in the removal of the contaminated and piles of cluttered items on the property. The company can help you insure that the property can be usable again for your community, and offer it as a new opportunity that can insure the community remains safe and secure.


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