How Many Hoarders are in the USA?

How Many Hoarders in the USA?

Those who are effected by the hoarding illness, whether a hoarder or a loved one who feels responsible for a hoarder; there is comfort in the news that you’re not alone. Research has found that 2-5 % of the world has hoarding illness in some degree. Given that the USA has a population of around 300 million people, we can estimate that there are 6-15 million people affected by the hoarding illness in this country alone! As an example at the state level, in Delaware there are close to 900,000 people residing in the state which means that 18,000 to 45,000 people are affected by the hoarding illness.

Family members and even therapists are amazed about the amount of people affected by Hoarding. The reason why hoarding has remained so secret is the shear embarrassment and to some degree the psychological avoidance caused by the condition that the hoarder lives with everyday. Being part of a team that specializes in cleaning and organizing hoarding homes we know that understanding the embarrassment and the importance of preventing the public from learning about the hoarder’s living condition is key to getting the trust of the hoarder and improving their lifestyle through cleaning and organization.

The best way to comfort the hoarder and their family is to explain that they are not alone (as said before 2-5 % of the nation has the hoarding illness). If the US has up to 15 million people effected by the hoarding illness, they can create their own country that would compete against other countries with populations such as Iceland, Cuba and Israel. With that knowledge we hope that hoarders will start coming out and getting help knowing that they are truly not alone.

Trust is key when approaching a hoarder about their condition. It is important to remember that the majority of those in need of hoarding cleanup services suffered from a trauma which triggered the condition. Because of this it is crucial for a hoarder’s helper to understand the nature of their condition by determining which type of hoarding they may be struggling with. It is also beneficial to the success of the recovery process to adhere to some of the social guidelines contained within the Do’s and Don’ts for Hoarders. By doing so, hoarders and their helpers alike will be able to understand one another while planning a successful course of action for the recovery process.

Wed, 02/29/2012 - 10:02 by Kenneth Donnelly