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With the ever growing awareness of hoarding as a legitimate condition and disorder, hoarding experts from around the United States are honing their dedication to resolving the causes of debilitating condition.

Address Our Mess’ hoarding experts have defined hoarding as the inability to throw away or get rid of material items regardless of their value or worth.  In many cases, the items that people hoard are not considered valuable at all by the general population.  Items like expired food, boxes, garbage, wrappers, newspapers, documents, clothing, toys, knick knacks can all be found in excess amounts in a hoarder’s home.  Hoarding experts have also found that animal hoarding is an ongoing issue as well.

Hoarding Experts

The condition can prove to be harmful not only to the person living with it, but to their friends, families, neighbors, and communities.  By collecting more objects while refusing to discard others, hoarding experts have found that people with the condition suffer severe emotional and social problems.  Depression and exclusion are often side effects of a person living in a hoarded home.

Physical dangers are also present in hoarded homes.  Along with gross filth attracting the presence of insects, rodents, and wild animals, hoarded objects themselves can prove to be deadly.  Upon inspection, hoarding experts have uncovered deceased people and animals beneath fallen piles of clutter and collections.  The massive amounts of objects contained within a certain area can also cause major fire and electrical hazards, risking the lives of the home’s occupants and their surrounding neighbors.

The legal ramifications of having a hoarded home can be astounding.  Hoarding experts warn hoarders and their families that due to the very serious health and fire hazards, home owners or renters can face eviction of their property, causing the loss of not only the objects found within, but the home as well.  A multitude of fines are also a risk hoarding experts warn people of.

Paying fines is not the only financial danger a hoarder faces.  Hoarding experts have found that the structural integrity of the homes they restore is severely compromised due to neglect.  Because of this, home owners are forced to pay large sums of money to repair their home because of their hoarding condition.  The home owner risks physical danger as well as legal responsibilities for not keeping up on the structural integrity of their property.

Along with being able to answer many of the frequently asked questions for hoarding cleanup, hoarding experts are highly trained and certified to return the hoarded property to its former beauty and worth while performing clutter cleaning services that will sanitize the home.

If you have a hoarding clean up situation and need help, call Address Our Mess today to speak with a professional Hoarding Expert to help with your hoarding cleanup.

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