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How to Pay for a Hoarding Cleanup Project:

Hoarding cleanup can be intimidating and often it is just not possible to cleanup everything by yourself but hiring a professional hoarding cleanup company may seem too expensive. Address Our Mess understands this concern and wants everyone to have access to the help they need. There are more methods to pay for hoarding cleanup than out of pocket or through charitable assistance from family and friends or community members. Therefore, we would like to show you a tool that helps you find a personal loan for clutter and hoarding cleanup, Nerdwallet.

Why Choose a Personnel Loan for Hoarding Cleanup?

With the personal loan option, you can get your home cleanup out of the way and then pay off the balance monthly. When it comes to hoarding cleanup, timing is important. When a hoarder decides to clean it is important to get cleaned and organized as quickly as possible to avoid second guessing by the hoarder, slowing down the project. Also, excessive clutter can be a safety hazard, increase the risk for fires, cause associated health issues, and cause tripping and falling hazards so getting the cleaning project done quickly will remove the clutter and bring the home back to a safe environment sooner. A direct personal loan will speed up the cleaning process by allowing you to start as soon as you receive your loan, in as little as a day after approval. You can use Nerdwallet to get personalized rate estimates from multiple lenders and apply for the loan that is best for your cleaning project.

About Nerdwallet’s Personal Loan Comparison Tool:

Nerdwallet’s Personal Loan Comparison Tool, will give you a list of the best personal loans for you, based off the loan amount, loan purpose, credit score, and the state you live in. You do not need a perfect credit score to find an affordable loan! Some lenders will be able to tell you information about approval and rates minutes after you apply and some lenders can have funds as soon as the next business day, after final approval.

Benefits of financing your cleaning project include:

  • Build your credit and clean up your home at the same time
  • Start your project quickly without a need to save up for the project to pay for it yourself
  • Keep peace of mind by paying off the loan slowly instead of having to pay upfront

Note: It is important to start and finish a hoarding cleanup project quickly to help keep the hoarder motivated and to better avoid second guessing, making the situation worse. Through a personal loan and hoarding cleanup, you can get your house back to a livable condition and pay off the cost of the hoarding cleanup project over time. To find the right loan for you, use the Nerdwallet Personal Loan Comparison Tool: https://www.nerdwallet.com/personal-loans.

Why Use a Professional Hoarding Cleanup Service?

You should use a hoarding cleanup service if hoarding has caused you stress via any of the negative effects of hoarding below.

Hoarding Can Cause Stress that Results From:

  • Physical pain
  • Mental burdens
  • Emotional pain
  • Social burdens
  • Financial burdens

Note: The financial cost of hoarding cleanup can pay for the financial burdens caused by hoarding over time. Use our Clutter Cost Calculator below to see how hoarding cleanup can pay for itself over time!

Clutter Cost Calculator:

Monthly Payment:


Square Footage:

Value of property per square foot (We will calculate this) =
Unused Square Footage:

Value of unused space (Cost of clutter) =


The value of your unused space is what your clutter is costing you! If you clean your home and utilize this space, you could end up saving money on monthly expenses like storage or open an opportunity to make money on your unused space by renting a room in your home or running a business out of your home that you could not before because of the clutter.

To get a better idea of which factors contribute to the price estimate of a hoarding cleanup project, see our list below!

Hoarding Cleanup Cost Factors Include:

  • Property size
  • Location of property
  • Type of property
  • Functionality of major amenities (e.g., water, electricity, heat, plumbing)
  • Materials to be disposed of
  • Method of disposal
  • Sanitation supplies (personal protective equipment (PPE), biowashers, air scrubbers, etc.)
  • Number of crew members needed
  • Time needed to complete cleanup

Please consider our company Address Our Mess for professional hoarding cleanup service. Call 410-589-2747, email info@addressourmess.com, or use our contact us page for more information. We are here to help!

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