Hoarding Cleanup Costs

Costs for Cleaning up After Hoarders


Hoarding Cleanup Costs

The most asked of all hoarding questions is, “How much does hoarding or clutter cleanup cost?” As much as Address Our Mess would like to provide the fastest quote possible, it is important for potential clients to understand that it is nearly impossible to give a quote for hoarding cleanup costs over the telephone. And, while other methods like providing in-depth descriptions of the property and photographs may help our Case Managers to determine an estimated, or “ball-park”, guess on the pricing, a true estimate usually cannot be granted unless a Case Manager physically inspects the home in person.

The reasons why a walk through inspection is necessary to provide hoarding cleanup costs are many. The main reason is because each and every hoarding situation is different. A variety of factors must be considered when providing clients with an estimated cost of hoarding cleanup. These factors include, but are not limited to:

  •          Property Size
  •          Location of Property
  •          Type of Property
  •          Functionality of Major Amenities (eg. water, electricity, heat, plumbing)
  •          Materials to Be Disposed Of
  •          Method of Disposal
  •          Sanitation Supplies (Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), biowashes, air scrubbers, etc.)
  •          Number of Crews Needed
  •          Time Needed to Complete Cleanup

How much a hoarder wants to be personally involved in the process also factors into pricing. For instance, simple junk or trash hauling with no client involvement uses less time and resources than full-on organization and sorting.

Costs of Hoarding Cleanup

Another important aspect to consider while calculating hoarding cleanup costs depends on whether or not biohazards are present. Especially in cases of Animal Hoarding or Senile Squalor, biohazards such as feces, urine, vomit, blood, and other bodily fluids present health hazards to those who come in contact with contaminated areas and items. Only highly-trained, certified technicians from Address Our Mess should handle biohazards. Proper precautionary measures like PPE and safe disposal techniques are practiced during every hoarding and clutter cleanup project.

Address Our Mess case managers and technicians have dedicated their careers to helping hoarders clean up their lives. Some hoarding cleaning companies may charge just for consultation or estimates. Address Our Mess will provide a thorough, detailed estimate of all work done during the deep cleaning project.

Included with our services are organizing and sorting into three main categories: trash, donations, and keepsakes. Our clients will never be charged extra for this service. Trash is hauled and disposed of by local safety standards. Donations management and hauling is provided by Address Our Mess (and donations are always made to the benefactor of the client’s choosing). Keepsakes are reviewed with the client and returned back to their rightful place within the home. With hoarding locations across the United States, Address Our Mess is equipped to provide the best value for a variety of deep cleaning services.

For more information on our hoarding cleanup costs or a description of our services, please call us at the telephone number listed above or contact us online.

Mon, 01/13/2014 - 13:59 by Kenneth Donnelly