Hoarding Cleaning Services

Hoarding Cleaning Services Overview

Hoarding Cleaning Service
Hoarders Home Cleaning

Hoarders Clean Out Services Include:

  • Evaluation and discussion of property and steps for cleaning
  • Case Manager to handle the hoarders cleaning and work with the hoarder
  • A developed plan of action for your specific situation
  • Clean out with certified, trained and compassionate employees
  • Background checked, drug tested, and insured staff
  • Complete sanitation of your home from disease and unhealthy conditions
  • Your home back to a livable condition and healthy environment

The necessary steps for a proper hoarding cleaning doesn't just include coming into your home and taking away every item we see such as a junk removing company would do. Our team of specialists is trained to find items of value for your family and treat the clean out with the utmost respect. The Address Our Mess team cares about your situation and knows what the hoarder feels when we donate or throw away their items.

The privacy of your project is important to us, we use unmarked trucks and if requested unmarked employees for your project. We also use high grade anti-microbials for the cleaning after we remove the items from the home to disinfect the house. Air scrubbers and other machines are used in certain situations as well to make sure the home has a quality of air that will not be unhealthy for the person living inside the home.

Call us for more information on our hoarding cleaning services and how we can help. Hoarders Cleaning is our specialty with trained staff ready to handle your hoarding cleanup service.


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