Hoarding Abatement

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Hoarding Abatement

The term hoarding abatement by definition is the lessening or termination of a hoarding situation in the home.  Hoarding abatement is an effective way to minimize the physical, mental, emotional, and financial dangers that the hoarding condition causes.  These impacts of hoarding not only cause stress and tension between hoarders and their families, but they also cause physical hazards such as structural damage, fire hazards, injury, and illness.

In order to determine the proper course of action for hoarding abatement, one must first determine the type of condition the hoarder is struggling with.  Types of hoarding range in severity from very minimal to extremely severe.  Some hoarding cases can even cause life-threatening illnesses or death.  Hoarding cleaning service managers have seen a large increase in deaths related to families and loved ones who have not interjected with proper hoarding abatement.

There are several different types of hoarding  abatement including:

  • Compulsive Shopper Hoarding
  • Food Hoarding
  • Trash Hoarding
  • Animal Hoarding
  • Document Hoarding

Each of these different iterations of the hoarding condition create their own unique set of physical, emotional, mental, and financial burdens.  For instance, a compulsive shopper may spend all of their money on useless items just to fill a void caused by emotional trauma.  This causes financial strain to occur, prohibits the initial trauma to go unresolved, and causes a fire hazard within the home.

Hoarding abatement and clutter cleaning services can eradicate these dangers from a hoarder’s home.  Hoarding abatement is not merely junk removal.  Safe and efficient abatement requires the organization and sorting of the items contained within the household, a deep cleaning sanitization process to make the environment healthy again, and a course of action to be planned out to avoid the home from being cluttered to that degree in the future.

For proper hoarding abatement, hoarders and their helpers must turn to highly-trained, certified professionals who are equipped to handle the most dangerous hoarding conditions.  Deadly allergens, pathogens, bacteria, and other biohazards sometimes thrive in a hoarded home.  In order to ensure the safety of the home’s inhabitants, a certified team must be trusted with the hoarding abatement project.

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