Hoarders Anonymous

Hoarding Privacy and Keeping Hoarders Anonymous

For homeowners struggling with hoarding and clutter, anonymity is almost always crucial when braving the road to recovery.

For hoarders seeking help on their own, or for loved ones who are seeking help for them, building a bond of trust is the first step in a long, yet rewarding process of living a healthier lifestyle.  Hoarders anonymous calls for help should be met with kindness, understanding, and patience.  Once this bond is built, a hoarding cleaning service can be consulted with to help with the physical cleaning of the property while the hoarder and their loved ones focus on the mental and emotional challenges.

Hoarders Anonymous

While it seems that the hoarding condition has only just come into the public eye, hoarding has actually been documented since the beginning of recorded history.  Until recently, hoarding was considered a symptom of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD).  It was not until the 1990’s that professionals in the mental health field started to truly understand hoarding as its own condition.

Thanks to the revision of the American Psychiatric Association’s DSM-V (released in May 2013), hoarding is now viewed as its very own category in the mental health field.  What this means for hoarders and their families is that more time and resources will be spent on helping people struggling with the condition.  Now more than ever, opportunities for hoarders to anonymously look for help is available in abundance.

One of the many options homeowners with extreme clutter can exercise is joining a Hoarders Anonymous support group.  This will afford hoarders an opportunity to make an anonymous effort to get valuable tips and support when starting the recovery process.

Another option for hoarders is to confide in one or two close family members or friends during the process.  The Hoarders Guide of Do’s and Don’ts is a perfect tool to use to help determine what kind of person a hoarder would want by their side and offers many tips on how each party can get on the same level when it comes to tackling the hardest of issues.

If you need a reputable hoarding cleanup company that prides itself in keeping your issues private by providing unmarked trucks, uniformed staff with shirts that DON'T say hoarding cleanup or junk removal on them and a staff who deals with hoarding situations everyday of the week and knows what to say to neighbors who ask them questions. Contact Address Our Mess at the number above or use our contact form below.

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