Extreme Hoarding

Handling Cases of Extreme Hoarding Cleanup

Extreme Hoarders

Extreme Hoarding is a condition that, until recently, had gone unnoticed and untreated for countless decades and centuries. Most extreme hoarders were considered the “town recluse” or the “eccentric neighbor” from the other side of the community. With the United States becoming more densely populated every year, extreme hoarders are becoming our next-door neighbors, our friends, and even our family.

The psychology behind extreme hoarding is starting to take center stage in the mental health community. Hoarders and their loved ones should welcome these new developments as the publication of the American Psychiatric Association’s DSM-5 will set new standards for compulsive hoarding and storing. This means a greater awareness for the condition nationwide, which will inherently create more opportunities for happier, healthier lifestyles for hoarders and their families. Even shows such as 'Hoarding Buried Alive' show the importance of the awareness of extreme hoarding cases.

In extreme hoarding cases, the use of a professional hoarding specialist like Address Our Mess is highly recommended. Our team of highly-trained, certified staff is equipped to handle any project no matter how big or small. Case managers and field technicians alike are devoted to making each hoarding cleaning project safe, intimate, and successful for the hoarder.

Extreme hoarding can lead to property damage, health risks, and community involvement if it is not handled promptly and appropriately. By teaming with Address Our Mess’ hoarding cleaning services, the home owner will be in complete control of the project. Every item will be carefully inspected and considered for keeping, donating, or removing. In the end, the integrity of the property, the safety of the inhabitants, and the satisfaction of the client are our top priorities.

A comprehensive list of Hoarding Do’s and Don’ts will help hoarders and helpers alike to get on the same page with the project. There are many mental and physical factors to consider when taking on a hoarding project. Both sides of the project must understand and appreciate one another, building a bond of trust to get the other through to the end of the project and beyond. Once the extreme hoarding cleaning project is complete, Address Our Mess case managers will provide the extreme hoarder with tips on how to live life after hoarding.

Taking the first step has never been easier. Serving most of the United States, Address Our Mess is committed to helping extreme hoarders all over the country to live a happy, healthy life.

Steps To Prevent Extreme Hoarding

  • Don't Pile Items Up Top Of Other Items
  • Don't Collect More Than One Of An Item
  • Always Have A Pathway
  • Be Able To See The Flooring
  • Ask For Help With Clutter

These are suggestions for extreme hoarders but always form a plan of action and understand the situation before attempting to change a habit. Call Address Our Mess for Extreme Hoarding help and cleaning services.

Fri, 05/03/2013 - 15:49 by Kenneth Donnelly