Animal Hoarding: Signs, Dangers, and Aid

scared puppy

Most people love animals. We watch those cute cat videos on YouTube, buy those baby animal calendars, or constantly talk about adopting any stray we see. Animals tend to be great company, but when people adopt more animals than they are able to properly care for they are doing these poor creatures a disservice rather than providing a happy, healthy home.

Animal hoarding is a serious occurrence. These innocent living beings are involuntarily placed within locations that may lack space and/or resources necessary to maintain healthy lives. With an abundance of animals residing in the same home, there may not be sufficient space for them to get the proper exercise. In addition to small living quarters, the home may not be sanitary. If there are too many animals for the individual to give attention to, animals may leave feces and urine in the home, which could go unattended or even undetected. The fecal matter and urine can produce rank scents, bacteria that can lead to serious illnesses, and even structural damage.

Unfortunately, animal hoarding is unable to be addressed by external sources until the situation reaches tragic proportions. Law enforcement officials will need to obtain required evidence prior to being issued a search warrant. By the time officials are able to obtain a search warrant, the situation may be out of hand and suffering animals may be too far gone to recover. It is important to know the warning signs of animal hoarding to manage the situation before it goes too far and destroys the lives of the animals and humans involved.

Four Key Characteristics of Animal Hoarding:

  • Inability to meet the minimal standards of sanitation, space, nutrition, and medical care for the animals.
  • Unable to recognize the consequences these conditions have on the animals and human beings involved.
  • Obsessive behavior that leads to the accumulation of animals.
  • Denial of the problems and deteriorating conditions of the animals, people, and the household.

scared kitty

The inability to provide livable conditions for the animals and humans involved can have serious repercussions. The conditions can result in serious illness and even death of any living beings involved, human and animal alike. In addition to the health concerns, the situation can eventually result in imprisonment for the individual(s) responsible. If the law becomes involved the individual may:

  • Have limited ownership rights
  • Need to be placed on probation
  • Not be permitted to have any pets on the premises at all
  • Be required to seek counseling
  • Face jail time

If you or someone you know is showing signs of animal hoarding, it is important to address the situation before it’s too late. Educate yourself about animal hoarding and pass along the information to those involved. Be aware of the options available. Therapy/counseling can help with the mental aspects of animal hoarding. Specialty cleaning services, such as Address Our Mess, are able to solve any pet clutter problems and clean the areas of the home that may have been soiled/damaged by the animals. Support is available for pet owners. Confront the situation before the lives of the owner, people involved, and the pets are endangered.

Fri, 10/30/2015 - 02:43 by Kenneth Donnelly