How to Start Cleaning a Cluttered Room

Cleaning a cluttered room can be a challenging process. Everyone’s lives are busy with work, family, friends, and other obligations; as a result, rooms in a person’s home can easily become overwhelmed by clutter. After looking at a room, a person might find themselves struggling to cope with how bad the clutter has become. Here are some help hints on what to do when handling a severe clutter situation.

1. Schedule Cleaning Times

Clutter cleanup can be an exhausting process if a person decides to take on all of the clutter at once. It is better for an individual to break down the cleaning into smaller time spans. This makes the cleaning process more manageable for a person to take on. Not everyone has the time to devote an entire day to de-cluttering, but breaking it down to one-hour time slots can help make it a more obtainable goal to control the clutter.

2. Small Steps

Small steps can have the biggest impact on an individual’s clutter problem. Clutter cleanup can be a daunting task, but a person can conquer it one step at a time. Small dents may not immediately look like they are doing much to alleviate the clutter problems, but over the course of time, this process can slowly remove the clutter piles in the room.

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3. Set Priorities on What to Clean

A particularly cluttered area of the room may be bothering a person, and this area can be de-cluttered first. The clutter in this area could have been the catalyst of what caused the problem to develop. This can be a pile of old clothes that were meant to have gone to donation, or old paperwork that was to have been shredded. Removing this particular clutter in the room can give people the motivation necessary to take on the rest.

4. Friends and Family Supporting Your Goals

Friends and family are a great motivational tool to help an individual who is looking to de-clutter a room. They can assist the person with the process itself by encouraging them to remove items that do not have any particular value. These items could have been a gift given to them that by a particular friend or family member, and the individual possibly feels guilty about throwing them away.

5. The 12 Month Rule

This rule implies that anything that has not been used in over a year is potential clutter that needs to be removed from the room. This may include items that have been replaced or made obsolete by a new product. Any of these items should be removed from the room. Many people feel like that they are throwing money away, but in reality they are getting back their room that has a set square footage limit.

If an individual follows these critical pieces of advice and is still having problems with clutter in the room, then a clutter cleaning service may be needed to assist them. Address Our Mess’s clutter cleaning service can help sort, organize, and remove the clutter from the room. Their expert technicians can return the room back to a livable and safe environment without the clutter.

Fri, 02/10/2017 - 13:09 by Kenneth Donnelly