Is a Hoarded Property Sellable?

Realtors Guide to Selling a Hoarded Home

Hoarded Property

You’ve been given your ideal home to sell. It’s in a great location and neighborhood, it has excellent curb appeal, and it sits on acres of land. There’s only one problem—the current occupants of the house are hoarders. As the number of hoarders grows, it’s become increasingly more likely you will be asked to handle a listing for a hoarded home at some point. It’s only natural to wonder whether or not this property is sell-able.

Trying to sell a hoarded home without cleaning it up is an uphill battle. Selling to traditional buyers is usually eliminated as an option. Even those looking for fixer-uppers will usually shy away from hoarded homes. Potential filth, odors and infestations are usually enough of a deterrent and you can’t do much to stage the home to make it presentable.

Turning to house flippers is your next viable option, but it’s usually not the most cost effective. Companies that flip houses, especially in hoarding situations, naturally look to acquire the house at the cheapest price possible. They will use every aspect of the hoarding situation to knock more money off of the price and you could end up giving away the house for a fraction of what it’s worth.

Cleaning up the home is usually the best financial option by far. Hoarding situations can decrease the value of homes by tens of thousands of dollars. After taking into consideration the average price range for cleaning up a hoarded home and the home’s market value, it’s almost always more profitable to clean up the home first. After cleaning, the home can be properly staged and turned into an attractive buy for your clients.

A lot of homeowners shy away from cleaning up the home first because of the perceived work involved. But specialty cleanup companies can handle everything for them, from organizing and junk removal to deep cleaning. Hiring a service means no heavy lifting for you or the homeowner.

If you have a cluttered or hoarded house that you’re looking to list, Address Our Mess offers free estimates. If a homeowner is still tentative, you can find out exactly what it will cost to restore the home to its original condition before committing to anything.

The worse a hoarding situation is, the less money that will be made from sale without cleaning it up. Although the idea of hoarding cleanup may seem daunting, there is help available. Without looking into cleanup options, homeowners stand to lose a lot of money and value on their homes.

Wed, 05/17/2017 - 13:47 by Kenneth Donnelly