Is a Hoarded Property Sellable?

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If you have to sell a home with hoarding conditions, it’s only natural to wonder, is this property at all sellable? Yes, it is! See our full explanation below.

Guide to Selling a Hoarded Home

If you are trying to sell a house with hoarding conditions you have three main options, selling the house as is, selling the house to house flippers, and selling the house after hoarding cleanup. See each option explained below.

1. Selling the House As Is:

Selling a hoarded home without cleaning and restoring (when necessary) is hard. Selling to traditional buyers is usually eliminated as an option. Even those looking for fixer-uppers will usually shy away from hoarded homes. Filth, odors, and infestations usually deter people from buying a hoarded home as is and if you don't clean you can’t do much to stage the home to make it sellable. These factors usually deter people from buying the home and make it nearly impossible to sell as is.

2. Selling The House to House Flippers:

Selling to house flippers is another option, but it’s usually not the most cost effective. Companies that flip houses, especially in hoarding situations, naturally look to acquire the house at the cheapest price possible so you will probably not get the offer that you would like for the home. They will use every negative aspect of the hoarded home to knock more money off of the sale price and you could end up giving away the house for a fraction of what it’s worth, causing you to loose money on the home. 

3. Selling The House After Hoarding Cleanup:

Cleaning and or renovating the home is usually the best financial option due to the increased sale price of the home. Hoarding conditions can decrease the value of homes by tens of thousands of dollars. When you take into consideration the average price range for hoarding cleanup and the home’s market value, it’s almost always more profitable to cleanup the home first. After cleaning, the home can be properly staged and turned into an attractive buy.

Cleaning a hoarded house is intimidating but specialty hoarding cleanup companies can handle everything from organizing too deep cleaning. Hoarding cleanup service will put the house in the position to be properly staged for selling, giving you a better chance to get a higher price!

If you have a cluttered or hoarded house that you’re looking to list or sell, Address Our Mess offers no commitment free estimates so you can find out if hoarding cleanup service is right for you. Although the idea of hoarding cleanup may seem daunting, there is help available. Without looking into cleanup options, homeowners could lose a lot of money and value on their home when they sell it.

Call 410-589-2747, email, or use our contact us page for more information on our hoarding cleanup service. We specialize in hoarding cleanup!

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