Estate Home Cleanout Versus Estate Preparation Management

Estate PlannerThese are two very distinct services and it is critical for you to understand the key differences. Estate cleanout services and estate preparation management are often viewed as the same service; however, there are noticeable differences that will be explained further.

The general term of Estate Cleanout Services requires an attorney or the executor of the estate to individually contact a number of different services in order to liquidate the estate.  These can range from the following service providers:

  • A general contractor to manage any potential repairs that would need to be done to the home in order to make it livable and safe for new tenants or owners.
  • A professional personal property appraiser to assess the contents' value within the home.
  • A junk removal company to remove any unwanted items or personal effects that are obsolete or broken.
  • Locating a home cleaning company that can do a thorough job of cleaning the property and removing any grime or dust.
  • After this is completed a local real estate agent is needed to handle the sale of the home to the next potential resident.

These aforementioned steps are all a part of the estate cleanout service process, and this takes time which many people do not have enough. An Estate Preparation Management Services can come in to assist you by handling all of these aspects. Address Our Mess is a prime example of what a company like this can do because it handles the entire process.

  • Address Our Mess has its home improvement contracting license, which allow this company to handle the repairs in house, so there is no need to hire a general contractor.
  • They will get in contact with an accredited personal property appraiser to assess the value of the items in your home.
  • Any items the appraiser does not value, we can help you sort, keep, donate or dispose of for you.
  • Address Our Mess can do a thorough deep cleaning of the home after all the work is completed and remove any of the grime or dust that built up over the years.
  •  Address Our Mess can also help you find a local realtor in the area to list and market the property for sale.

Address Our Mess is a part of a new service that has been created in order to better serve those individuals who are involved in the estate planning industry and their clients. Address Our Mess aims to operate with professionalism and courtesy to all those involved. The goal of Address Our Mess is to offer specialty cleaning services to those involved in the estate industry and meet the full satisfaction necessary for all parties involved.

Wed, 12/28/2016 - 21:27 by Kenneth Donnelly