Difference Between House Cleaning & Hoarding Cleaning

When your residency is dirty, and you don't have the time, energy, ability, or knowledge of how to clean it properly you call a professional cleaning service. What cleaning service you call depends on your needs as not every cleaning service is the same. There are commercial kitchen cleaning services that are trained to clean the exhaust systems and/or the industrial ovens and stoves. When it comes to the home, there are a few different services as well. The common ones include maid service, deep cleaning, junk removal, organizers, and hoarding cleaning and clutter cleaning.   

Maid Service / House Cleaning Service 

This is the most common service that you would use to clean your home. They will do the normal house cleaning services including bed making, vacuuming, surface cleaning, however they will not do everything. The other house cleaning services differ by the cleaning company as some have the training and willingness and others simply refuse to do other services like: oven and appliance cleaning, laundry, outside windows, power washing, and the other cleaning services listed below.    

Deep Cleaning Service 

Deep cleaning is an extremely thorough cleaning on areas that are not part of the normal cleaning routine. Usually a deep cleaning occurs after a tenant moves out or part of a yearly maintenance routine. What a deep cleaning service includes depends on the cleaning company and their workers skills.  Some examples of a deep cleaning would be: full oven clean out, moving heavy appliances and cleaning around them such as washers and dryers, the grime in window sills and other crevices in the home, windows inside and outside, under sinks, floor waxing, and other areas that only get cleaned once or twice a year.  A deep clean service is usually only ordered once or twice a year.  

Junk Removal 

When your storage area is overfilling full of unneeded or unwanted clutter it may be time to call for junk removal services. The downside of a junk removal company is that they don't take the time to go through your belongings to determine things you would like to keep. The service is usually cheaper than a hoarding cleaning service however, it is up to you to go through all the clutter and take out the keepsakes and only leave the unwanted clutter. There may be other rules, depending on the junk removal company, such as you remove the items from your home yourself and putting them in area ready for pickup.   

Professional Organizers 

Organizers don't usually perform any cleaning or clutter removal. They are useful if you have a lot of clutter that you still would like to keep but only use sparingly. Organizers can create structure and order for your belongings and make sure a place for everything and everything in its place.   

Hoarding Cleaning / Clutter Cleaning 

Hoarding cleaning and clutter cleaning is when the company comes in and works with you to remove only what you want and get back the home to a livable or useable condition. This might be taking everything out and sorting them into areas or piles to distinguish what goes back or what gets donated or discarded. Once the room has been cleared the cleaning team cleans the room and puts the keepsakes back. This process could take many days even for a team of cleaners.  

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Mon, 05/28/2018 - 16:04 by Kenneth Donnelly