Costly Clutter

Many people have a little clutter here and there but in some households clutter can be a real problem. Obstructing pathways and masking surfaces, threatening to trip and injure anyone present, and adding stress and chaos to life are just a few examples of negative impacts clutter produces. One additional factor of clutter that may not often be considered is the cost. Clutter can actually be costly, adding to financial concerns of the homeowner.

Some costs of clutter include:

  • Cost of living space
  • Extra storage
  • Shopping expenses
  • Lost/damaged items
  • Late fees
  • Health expenses

Costly Clutter

Clutter can cost you by taking up valuable space. If a room is filled with boxes, bags, and miscellaneous items, it is not being used to its full potential. Therefore, you end up paying more for the residence than what you actually utilize. If you want to know the numbers, it is possible to calculate the cost of lost home space by dividing the monthly cost of your residence by the square footage. This will produce the value of your property per square foot. Additionally, if your clutter is spilling out of your home and requires extra storage, this is another expense. The cost of storage can add up and the more storage you need, the more you are going to have to pay.

The costs of the items acquired will add up. Shopping may be your therapy or you may just feel the need for the latest gadgets and gizmos out there, regardless of if you actually use everything you acquire. Each item tallies up and unnecessary shopping expenses will only hurt your wallet and take over your home.

When a residence has clutter scattered about, it can be easy to lose items among the assortment of belongings. Lost items can result in the purchase of duplicate items, tacking on additional dollar signs. Important documents can also disappear in piles of paper and items. If a bill or invoice is buried in clutter, it can be possible to miss payments, resulting in late fees and/or penalties. This can be damaging to your wallet and your credit score, which will cost you when it comes to future interest rates.

An abundance of clutter may also produce unsanitary conditions. These unsanitary conditions can produce bacteria and pathogens, vermin, and illnesses. With these factors, the health of all household residents is at risk. Illnesses, respiratory problems, and injuries are just a few potential health risks that can occur, decreasing your well-being while increasing your bill.

Clutter does not solely make a home unattractive with the chaos and disorder, but it can also hurt your wallet. Costs of belongings will add up and the additional damages, storage rates, fees, and health hazards can continue to increase expenses. Professional cleaning services, such as Address Our Mess, can alleviate clutter concerns by restoring the property and, along with it, peace of mind.

Wed, 01/20/2016 - 03:03 by Kenneth Donnelly