Clutter Cleaning for the Elderly

Clutter Cleaning for Elderly Senile Squalor

Most people dream of spending their retirement years happy, healthy and comfortably. Many refer to this time as the “Golden Years” of their lives.  However, there are some who are not fortunate enough to enjoy the latter years of life, as a condition referred to as “senile squalor” is becoming more and more prominent in communities across America.

Senile Squalor, also known as Diogenes Syndrome, is a condition of severe self-neglect, social withdrawal, self-loathing or destructive indifference, compulsive hoarding and domestic squalor. For the seniors who suffer from this syndrome, shame is irrelevant. By living in deplorable conditions, surrounded by garbage, human/pet waste, and filth, Senile Squalor Syndrome is a danger to the sufferers and those who call them neighbors.

The first step in helping someone suffering from Senile Squalor Syndrome is cleaning up their surroundings. Extreme, compulsive hoarding can only be cured by first cleaning up the affected area. The main difference between normal hoarders and Senile Squalor's is that squalor's will almost never ask for help on their own. It is up to social workers, family, neighbors or emergency personnel to request that an initial cleanup take place. Contacting a hoarding cleanup specialist like Address Our Mess is the pivotal first step in assisting a Senile Squalor.

Once general cleaning of the hoarding situation has started, a deeper cleaning is needed for the soiled clothing, furniture and carpeting that is most likely present from the neglectful way in which Senile Squalors handle their unique way of relieving themselves. Address Our Mess’ technicians are certified by the IICRC, utilize top of the line protective gear, and carry top tier insurance to ensure the deep cleaning a Senile Squalor needs can be done properly. Address Our Mess has raised the standard of what typical hoarding clean up services do for their clients.

Cleaning up after a Senile Squalor can be daunting. However, it is essential to do it the proper way in order to give these seniors another opportunity at an independent life. Whether or not the cleanup effort proves to be successful long-term, Senile Squalors are urged to seek mental and/or medical treatment for their condition. Such treatment will increase the chances of experiencing those mythical “Golden Years” after all.

Wed, 04/10/2013 - 14:30 by Kenneth Donnelly