Is All Clutter Bad?

Is all clutter badMessy closets, disorganized garages, and a messy bedroom or two are found in every home. But when does this kind of clutter become a problem? The answer largely depends on the type of person you are. If you like things extremely tidy, a few loads of dirty laundry may be too much. But if you’re the type of person who’s used to more clutter, a packed garage may not even affect you. But at some point, a certain amount of clutter starts to be a problem for everyone when it begins to affect significant areas of your life.

Stress and Anxiety

Our brains prefer for us to be in clean environments. When we’re around clutter, our brains constantly send signals to our body reminding us that we have something to do. We’re never truly able to relax when we’re around clutter because something always feels unfinished. If you’re able to relax in your home, your clutter level is probably fine. But if you’re constantly feeling anxious or stressed, it’s probably time to clean up. Clutter can have an extreme effect on our emotions and can cause anxiety and depression even when we’re not presently around it.

Financial Strain

One of the biggest reasons clutter accumulates is because we’re constantly buying new stuff. It’s very easy to find stuff that we think we need or really want and the cost of these items quickly starts to add up. For some people, shopping can even become a compulsion. If you’re always running out of your extra cash at the end of the month, it’s probably your clutter’s fault. If you notice your clutter is beginning to put too much of a strain on your wallet you can re-sell some of the items you no longer use and free up space and money.

Lost Time

Most of us have extremely busy lives and being able to find things in a timely manner is important. The more disorganized a home is, the more likely you’ll have to spend time searching for money, shoes, wallets, and more. If your stuff is hidden amongst your clutter, the time you spend looking for these things daily can begin to add up. In a lot of cases, clutter also leads to not being able to find bills, credit cards, keys, and more. All of these things take valuable time to replace that we would otherwise have if not for our clutter.

If your clutter isn’t affecting your daily life you’re probably in the safe zone. But if you find yourself constantly stressed, walking around items, and spending valuable time looking for things it might be time for a clutter cleanup. Thankfully, you don’t have to put your home back in order alone. Address Our Mess has cleanup teams that will work with you to sort through, organize, and dispose of your unwanted belongings. We’ll restore your home back to a point where it’s no longer draining your energy, money, and time.

Thu, 08/10/2017 - 21:08 by Kenneth Donnelly