Parental Advice on Helping Hoarding Children

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Advice For Parenting Young Hoarders

Helping Hoarders ChildrenYour children are out of the home now, but you are still concerned about their well-being. However, you may go to visit them and you notice in their place of residence that they have an extensive amount of clutter   This is a concern to you and upon discussing it with your child, you realize that this is related to some form of stress or psychological issue. After resolving the psychological issue their room needs to be cleaned.

The room of your child at home was probably neat and meticulously maintained. Out on their own the room where they may live might be less clean.  It may have even developed into a severe clutter or hoarding situation. The clutter in the room can range from empty pizza boxes, to books that are piled high. All of this overwhelming clutter may be too many individuals who are not experienced with this type of mess. What may have triggered them to hoard?

Hoarding is triggered by stress or a compulsion towards a particular item. The stress of a finals week or midterm week can cause anyone to buckle under stress, and in some cases can lead to a mental breakdown caused by a lack of sleep and a surge of information from their classes. Another cause may be homesickness.  Homesickness might have been the catalyst, which can lead to depression. In severe cases of depression a hoarding situation may develop. What can you do  to alleviate this hoarding  problem when you get into their room?

A thorough hoarding cleanup of the room might be in order. All the items need to be dealt with either through keeping, donating or throwing away. After the removal of the items, a thorough deep cleaning of the room will be necessary. This would include wiping down the walls, ceilings, and furniture inside the residence. The reason for the deep cleaning is too remove all the bacteria and grime that may have built up from the clutter. Once, the home is thoroughly sterilized and cleaned then the child can go back to their home.  Is there a company that can help resolve this problem of clutter for your children?

Address Our Mess is an example of a company that can help resolve the problem that might have occurred in your child’s residence.  Whether it is a dorm room, apartment, or house their trained crews can help alleviate any type of hoarding or large scale clutter problems, which may arise in your child’s property. We know that your child is your highest priority and we want to help you resolve your family’s problems.


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