Gross Filth Cleanup

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Specialists in Gross Filth Cleaning

Gross Filth Cleanup in distressed homes and commercial properties refers to a multitude of sanitary and health risks like:

  • Hoarding or Pack Rat Behavior
  • Animal Hoarding or domestication of wild animals
  • Garbage and Trash strewn about the inside and outside of the home or business
  • Biohazards like bodily fluids, feces, urine, vomit
  • Structural damage or safety hazards brought about by neglect or infestation

Gross Filth CleanupIn properties that suffer from gross filth, numerous allergens, pathogens, and other viral and bacterial hazards threaten the health of the people and the animals that call it home. Illnesses and diseases can overtake anyone living under these conditions resulting in terminal poor health or even death.

Gross filth can also cause neglect to the structural integrity of the property, creating a serious risk for anyone inside or in close proximity to the building. Gross filth will attract insects, rodents, and other animals that can eat away at the materials holding the property together. These pests will literally eat materials like wood, drywall, or fabric. They can disassemble parts of the property to use for nesting. Their excrement can actually eat away at fabric, wood, and other materials.

Neglect can also cause areas in need of repair to go unnoticed. Sewage backups, leaks, structural damage, and other dangers that are not addressed immediately can overtake the overall integrity of the property causing a partial or full collapse.  Methods on how to prevent such neglect can be found on our hoarding frequently asked questions page.

Gross filth cleanup should be handled by certified professionals like the technicians at Address Our Mess. Our staff is certified through the IICRC, the Institute for Challenging Disorganization, and other reputable restoration regulators. We use OSHA-approved cleaning agents and practices to ensure the property is safe and healthy for people and animals to return and enjoy a happy life.

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