Effects of Hoarding on Children

January 14th, 2015 by

 Hoarders Children and How Hoarding Effects Them

Effects Of Hoarding On ChildrenA hoarding situation can effect not just the hoarder themselves, but the people and loved ones that surround them as well. Often, the quietest member of that group and who has the least amount of say in that situation is children. Many hoarders have children, and their habitat of holding onto different types of items can dramatically affect the smallest members of their family. All of this can result in the harm and even possible loss of the children.

Hoarding tendencies can often lead to the possibility of a dangerous situation arising, because of the health implications that certain items that people hoard. These health conditions can result in the children getting hurt. Example of this could be a person that hoards their own waste or animal waste caused by an animal hoarding situation. This could cause the child to pick up a whole host of different diseases that is the result of bio hazardous waste. Another possible health implication could be the rotting food that arise in some hoarding situations. Sometimes this rot could harbor insects that if they bite a child either an infection or disease could result. Also, if the child is young and cannot distinguish between rotting and fresh food then they could possibly become ill from consuming the rotting food. Another critical factor is that the items that people hoard could be potential health hazards as well.

In animal hoarding situations the hoarder brings in random animals, and in many cases are aggressive and do not have the proper immunizations. This from a children’s perspective can result in the possible injury of themselves and if they react to the animal the hoarder might become more defensive of the animals rather than the child. Another crucial factor is when hoarders pile items high to the ceiling, they sometimes collapse. If one of these mounds collapse, there is a chance that the child might become buried underneath the items. These different issues would result in the endangerment of a child.

When a hoarding situation endangers a child it can result in the possible removal of the child from their parents. Due to the hoarder’s living condition it precludes their removal, because of it being considered reckless endangerment, and with the mental health aspects also the child could be removed in regards to the lack of competency of the parent. Also, if the town or the state is given the rights to condemn the property thereby making them homeless. Don’t let hoarding take over children’s lives, get into contact with a hoarding cleanup company.