Helping Realtors, Cleaning Homes

April 13th, 2017 by

helping realtorsAddress Our Mess is making connections in real estate in order to assist the cleanup needs of realtors. Realtors come across many different property conditions and situations within the real estate market. With real estate so full of surprises, it is important to be prepared for the unexpected. Address Our Mess is reaching out to real estate professionals, extending services to assist with property condition concerns involved in a sale.
Realtors are trying to make sales but the property conditions have a big influence on the ability to complete a sale. If a property does not meet livable standards, most people will be too intimidated to invest and turn away in search of properties that require less work. These difficult properties need to be salvaged in order to catch the eyes of buyers. Address Our Mess recognizes that difficulties realtors are facing are clutter and unsanitary conditions of some properties that distracts people from the property’s potential. With this in mind, Address Our Mess is extending a hand to realtors on the Eastern side of the United States.
Trained and well-qualified staff is able to handle cleanup jobs of any magnitude. If a property used to be home to a home-owner who was hoarding, the conditions will not intimidate Address Our Mess employees who specialize in hoarding and clutter clean up. Services will be offered to provide a thorough, efficient cleaning. Address Our Mess recognizes that services that may be needed are junk removal, sorting, packing, storing, recycling, and deep cleaning.
Realtors should not have to search far and wide for various companies to help restore the home to livable conditions, so Address Our Mess is providing complete cleaning services to assist with the property. Clutter within the property will be able to be sorted through and removed. Items in good condition can be donated to clear them from the residence and give to those who will use them. Any trash within the residence will be removed and properly disposed of, and any recyclable items can be recycled.
If items merely need to be temporarily removed, Address Our Mess can remove the items and place them within storage. Items can be stored within a PODS container next to the home. These PODS can also be shipped to the new home if desired. The home will also be cleaned to remove any filth that may be present, from dust to biohazards. Once the interior of the property is cleared and cleaned, stager’s can come in to stage the home for show. With the home looking pristine and promising, potential buyers are more likely to show interest in the property, making the real estate sale process smoother in the long run.
Real estate conditions should not add on to the stress and tasks of realtors and home-owners. Address Our Mess wants to help make life easier for realtors by providing complete cleaning services to restore the property to livable conditions and show off the potential each home has. With a clean, organized home, potential buyers are sure to be in awe and take action to obtain their dream home.


Extreme Cleaning Companies

November 20th, 2015 by

extreme cleaningExtreme cleaning has become a byword for severe clutter, or filth cleanup. These issues have become a larger focus by a society that has begun to enhance consumerism. People are often thought to use shopping as a way of dealing with the stress of their life. This compulsive shopping can create a home that has a significant amount of clutter or filth that builds up in a home that needs an extreme cleanup.

Compulsive shopping can create a filthy home situation that needs the assistance of an extreme cleaning company. A filthy home often has overwhelming clutter that can completely envelope a home or property. Much of this clutter contains multiples of each item that can completely cover a room of a property to the ceiling. What are examples of the clutter that can fill up a room?

  • Books that are duplicate copies

  • Clothing that is stacked up in clutter piles

  • Broken items

All of these represent potential issues that an extreme cleanup company may face in regards to handling a clutter or filth problem.

Extreme cleaning involves the cleaning of the entire home of all the items removed from the property to have it be thoroughly disinfected. Why does a home need all of its items removed in an extreme cleaning situation? The items that are removed, may need to be disposed of or cleaned because of the possible biological nature of the hazards inside of the property.

Biological hazards inside the property can range from a whole host of different problems that can be found inside the property. One example of a biological hazard is rotting or decaying food that may be present in different areas of the home. Another hazard is if there is a large amount of animals residing in the property there may be a significant amount of animal waste that must be removed from the property. Also, there can be harmful bacteria found in those items that need to be removed. Once the items have been removed a deep cleaning must be done.

Deep cleaning from an extreme perspective involves cleaning everything from floor to ceiling. This thorough scrubbing can remove any possible contaminants from the walls and other areas that can harbor bacteria or filth that can affect a person’s health. Areas that specifically need this deep cleaning service would be parts of a property that need to be sanitary.

Address Our Mess’s expert cleaning technicians can help in cleaning up a filthy home with specialized methods to clean all the surfaces from top to bottom. Their primary goal is to ensure that the property owner returns to a safe and comfortable environment to live or work.

Minnesota Hoarding Cleanup Help

July 21st, 2015 by

Hoarding Assistance In Minnesota

Minnesota Hoarding CleaningThe mental condition known as compulsive hoarding is estimated to affect over a quarter of a million people in the State of Minnesota. Minnesotans have been hard pressed to find effective help in the fight against this debilitating condition. Hoarding cleaning can be a daunting and painful task for hoarders and their helpers alike without proper assistance from professionals. With media attention now laser focused on hoarding thanks to reality television documentaries like A&E’s Hoarders and TLC’s Hoarding: Buried Alive, sufferers of the condition are becoming confident enough to seek professional help.

Address Our Mess, a hoarding and clutter cleaning specialist with ties to the cleanup industry dating back as far as 1989, is expanding its service footprint to Minnesota. Minnesotans can now benefit from the expertise of Address Our Mess case managers and technicians who have devoted their time and careers to assisting those in need of professional hoarding cleaning services. Fully insured, bonded, and licensed, Address Our Mess delivers thorough and trusted hoarding cleanup services to over half of the US.

Types of hoarding vary from simple clutter to animal hoarding. Address Our Mess case managers work closely with home owners and any designated helpers or family members to ensure a private and intimate experience. With each type of hoarding, the condition can also affect someone on various levels ranging from mild to life-threatening. Depending on the severity of the living conditions of the home, hoarders may find themselves too overwhelmed to address the issue all on their own. That is where Address Our Mess comes in.

One of the most commonly asked hoarding faqs is, “How can I tell how severe my hoarding problem is in Minnesota?” Specific answers for each unique situation can be attained by calling for a consultation with an Address Our Mess case manager. Contact us online or by phone for availability. The general answer to that question is, “How unlivable has your home become?” Generally, hazards like blocked fire exits, electrical outlets that are covered with combustible material like paper, fabrics, and boxes, biohazards such as expired or rotted food, and animal waste can make a living situation life-threatening. By consulting with an Address Our Mess case manager, Minnesota hoarders will be able to determine just how severe their current situation has become.

Hoarders in Minnesota no longer have to live behind a veil of embarrassment and shame. Seeking hoarding help will only make life happier and healthier. Address Our Mess provides expert resources that are determined to help Minnesota hoarders clean up their lives.

Thank You For Your Request

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Address Our Mess will have someone contact you during the next available business day. If this is an emergency please call Josh Rafter on his cell at 617-939-8849 and he can set up an estimate with the local estimator. The company is very serious about privacy and will never let anyone know about this request or your situation. Our services are completed by trained and compassionate staff and we have many useful and informational articles on our Cleaning News page. Please feel free to browse around the website for advice and read more about our services.

Thank you for submitting the request to our company and we hope that our services can be customized to your needs and help you cleanup your home or building.


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Senior Citizen Loneliness

May 6th, 2015 by

Cleanup Company To Assist Senior Citizens

Senior Citizens can be overwhelmed with clutter and it can quickly develop into a hoarding situation as time goes on. Seniors can get lonely quickly and with this loneliness there should be a cause of concern for those family members and loved ones that they associate with. In many cases senior citizens fill their void of loneliness with items, because these items give them a sense of comfort and security.
Senior Citizen LonelinessLoneliness is a common theme among our growing elderly population. As their children and loved ones have moved further and further away, they feel that they are missing a connection. This is one reason why they continue to gather up items that may be of personal significance to those loved ones that they may no longer have a connection with. Examples of items that they might gather are those that have a particular memory with . An example could be an elderly person collecting fish rods, because that was one of his favorite activity to do with his son before he moved away. Also, loneliness can lead to a senior citizen becoming depressed.

Depression is a serious concern throughout our country’s aging populace. Depression can lead to a sense of apathy towards doing any kind of activity. What can occur when a person becomes apathetic towards their living conditions? They no longer see their home as a place that they enjoy living in. A result is they no longer care for the cleanliness of the property as a whole. This will cause a build-up of grime, dust, and other filth, that can begin to cake and pile on top of each other. With senior citizen’s feeling neglected, the general home maintenance of the property can fall apart.

Home maintenance deferment is another concern with senior citizen loneliness. Without family members or loved ones to help take care of the home, hazards might develop. This is a considerable problem for those senior citizens, because this neglect can result in them being evicted.  Since, there home is the only thing that many of these people have in the way of monetary assets, this is a significant problem. And, the last thing that we want to happen is to have our oldest members of society to become our neediest. Address Our Mess is here to help our citizens avoid this pitfalls of aging and loneliness.

Address Our Mess is a full service cleaning company that can help return our senior citizens’ homes to a safe and livable condition.  The professional staff that we have can help our seniors who are not able to combat the loneliness on their own and handle the mess that is associated with it. We can thoroughly clean the home and remove the clutter from their living spaces. Also, our skilled technicians can help in the rebuilding of the areas of the home that were neglected and need to be repaired. We are a full service company that is here to help our loneliest seniors.

Post Foreclosure Cleanup

April 10th, 2015 by

Foreclosure Cleaning Services

Post Foreclosure CleanupForeclosures were rampant across this great nation of ours during the end of the last decade. A result was that many people walked away from these homes with  many  of their personal possessions and larger items left inside. The items range from refrigerators to beds which over the course of years can harbor bugs, vermin, and other hazards. One of the main purposes of this service is to return this home to a livable condition.

One of the main attributes to a post foreclosure clean out is the removal of all of the larger items in the home. These include pieces of furniture that could not be removed by the former occupants of the property. Which includes beds, sofas, and all manner of large personal items  that are difficult to move. These larger pieces can become homes for vermin or other indoor pests. Another problem with a post foreclosure home is the potential for biological hazards that were caused by the former residents.

In neglected homes biologically hazardous materials may be encountered which were caused by the former residents of the property or possible vagrants . Many times these individuals would leave rotting food in the kitchen or air ducts out of malice, or place feces or other biological expulsions on the floor of the property itself. One factor that is common among many foreclosure properties is a lack maintenance and the destructive actions that were taken by the former residents.

As the former property owners had no vested interest in maintaining the property any longer, they could have opted to become destructive. This destruction can include everything from kitchen cabinetry, to drywall, or the toilets and tubs in the bathroom. It is pent-up rage in many cases for having themselves end up in that particular situation. Also, being a foreclosure many times these homes are broken into by illegal scrappers who rip out walls for piping or other highly valuable material with little regard to what is left behind in the structure of the home. With all the destruction that it might be necessary to call a specialized cleanup company.

Address Our Mess is just such a company to help you handle a post foreclosure clean out. Our professionally trained crews can remove the mess and return the home to a livable and safe condition. When looking for experience and expertise cleaning of the home, our crews will deep clean and sanitize the property in order to make it safe from biological containment. We can help remove the debris and clutter from the property, and make it a healthy home for a new resident.

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Effects of Hoarding on Children

January 14th, 2015 by

 Hoarders Children and How Hoarding Effects Them

Effects Of Hoarding On ChildrenA hoarding situation can effect not just the hoarder themselves, but the people and loved ones that surround them as well. Often, the quietest member of that group and who has the least amount of say in that situation is children. Many hoarders have children, and their habitat of holding onto different types of items can dramatically affect the smallest members of their family. All of this can result in the harm and even possible loss of the children.

Hoarding tendencies can often lead to the possibility of a dangerous situation arising, because of the health implications that certain items that people hoard. These health conditions can result in the children getting hurt. Example of this could be a person that hoards their own waste or animal waste caused by an animal hoarding situation. This could cause the child to pick up a whole host of different diseases that is the result of bio hazardous waste. Another possible health implication could be the rotting food that arise in some hoarding situations. Sometimes this rot could harbor insects that if they bite a child either an infection or disease could result. Also, if the child is young and cannot distinguish between rotting and fresh food then they could possibly become ill from consuming the rotting food. Another critical factor is that the items that people hoard could be potential health hazards as well.

In animal hoarding situations the hoarder brings in random animals, and in many cases are aggressive and do not have the proper immunizations. This from a children’s perspective can result in the possible injury of themselves and if they react to the animal the hoarder might become more defensive of the animals rather than the child. Another crucial factor is when hoarders pile items high to the ceiling, they sometimes collapse. If one of these mounds collapse, there is a chance that the child might become buried underneath the items. These different issues would result in the endangerment of a child.

When a hoarding situation endangers a child it can result in the possible removal of the child from their parents. Due to the hoarder’s living condition it precludes their removal, because of it being considered reckless endangerment, and with the mental health aspects also the child could be removed in regards to the lack of competency of the parent. Also, if the town or the state is given the rights to condemn the property thereby making them homeless. Don’t let hoarding take over children’s lives, get into contact with a hoarding cleanup company.


Techniques to Help Hoarders

December 26th, 2014 by

Hoarding Help Techniques For Hoarders

Hoarding-Help-TechniquesHoarders are generally very private people, who do not wish to have their issues being known to their friends and family. They feel a sense of shame about their situation. In reality they should not, since it is not their fault. We need to help those individuals come to terms with their situation. There are a few ways in which to help this situation. One way of helping this person is to encourage them to read literature on their condition.

Offering these individuals material to read on hoarding can help them realize that the situation they are in requires help. The literature can offer insight into their situation, what may have possibly caused it and how to help them recover. You should encourage them to read about the safety risks that they are imposing on themselves and loved ones. How these tendencies can be affecting their own physical health. However, you must be careful on how you approach them on this topic, since it could trigger a defense mechanism. Another critical factor is for the purposes of practicality.

You have to be practical about the choices you offer to them. For example do not say they need counseling or to tell them all their items are garbage and should be taken to the dump. These people are sympathetic to the needs of others, and instead of imploring them to throw away the items you should advise them to possibly donate them to charity.  Offer to help them go through different areas to find misplaced items, it will help them discern what is valuable and what is not. This allows for them to become comfortable with you going through their items.

In a hoarding relationship trust is key in establishing a link between that individual and the person who is trying to help them. Do not try to pressure them into throwing out their belongings, if you do this it can often make the situation worse and confrontational. You need to understand that there is a lot of complexities that surround a hoarding situation, that are associated with obsessive compulsive disorder. So you need to treat them as a person, not someone who is suffering.

These techniques should allow for the hoarder to understand the situation they have been placed in. Also, it will let them come to an understanding that what they are doing is not healthy, and is damaging the family and friend relationships that they have. The reality is that we want to help those individuals get well and help them address their mess.

Overwhelming Clutter

October 1st, 2014 by

Clutter Situations That Can Overwhelm You

Overwhelming ClutterClutter can sometimes be a nuisance to many people who view it as something that need to get done, because otherwise it might be eclipsed by other tasks. However, sometimes this clutter can be overwhelming to some of the individuals to point where they need to call in a professional clutter cleaning service to handle the problem. How does clutter get to a point where you need to hire a professional service in order to organize, sort, and throw away the items.

One reason that clutter can sometimes become overwhelming for an individual is that people often do not have the time to deal with all the items that build up in their lives. With many people working multiple jobs in order to make ends meet, house cleaning can fall to the wayside of importance, therefore over time many items pile up, which can include mail, newspapers, and dirty dishes. At the end of a long work day can be a daunting task to deal with when tired from working a 12 hour day in some cases. After an extended period of time it can become progressively worse to the point of no return. This is where you need a professional clutter cleaning company to come in and help clean.

Another cause for Overwhelming Clutter is possible health issues that may occur resulting in clutter of the home itself. When people face long-term illness or disability have all the causation’s of letting the house care go by the way side. All this adds into an extreme clutter situation. This can be caused by the magazines and books that build up into piles by where the person sits, or due to the weight of certain items that cannot be moved due to the medical issues that the individual is currently having. All this adds into the creation of the clutter problems that creates the effect of overwhelming clutter.

Overwhelming clutter can often cause a rift between people and their families since the relationships can be strained by the mess that is created. After all these issues are caused by the clutter that has invaded your life. A professional clutter cleanup crew can help in the sorting and removing of the items that are primarily responsible for the clutter such as the old newspapers, the old food, and the collections of the other variety of items that need to be dealt with in a proper manner. That is why Address Our Mess has trained professionals in helping to deal with these problems.

Have Overwhelming Clutter? Call Address Our Mess today for more information and clutter cleaning specialists can come to help bring you a new start and a clean home.

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A Fresh Start for Families Helping Hoarders

July 29th, 2014 by

Helping Hoarders – Families Who Start To Help Hoarders

Helping Hoarders FamiliesHoarding not only effects the individual who are suffering with the illness but close and distant family members. When looking at the hoarding situation these families are often overlooked and forgotten due to the direction of the main problem which is their loved ones hoarding tendencies. What people should look at is not just the health of the hoarder but the effects of the tendencies on their loved ones as well.

Close family friends would be individuals who live within the hoarder’s home and have direct contact with them every day. These are the ones that suffer the most from the hoarder’s problems, because of them being in direct contact. The overflow from the hoarder’s tendencies can spill into their personal living spaces such as their bedroom. When this occurs, and they try to remove the mess, often the hoarder can become aggressive with them, thereby creating an untenable situation. This constant strain is not a pleasant situation.

Distant relatives can also be effected by the after effects of the hoarding situation from the standpoint of not realizing how bad the situation has gotten without them knowing it. These are often immediate relatives who are busy or live too far away to have noticed how far this situation has progressed. There is a sense of guilt that is felt among these family members who feel as if they should have done more to prevent the situation, but this is out of their control and realm of expertise. This is where a hoarding cleaning company can be helpful in the rebuilding process of the family.

A cleaning of the hoarders’ property can start a healthy healing process of the family that has been effected by the situation. First off, it allows for more open communication with the family members living in the situation and shows how the damaged relationships can be repaired with the removal of the clutter. This can lead to a de-cluttering of the mind and with it this will help in the healing process. Also, the relatives who live a great distance will be able to see the immediate change in their loved ones personality. Address Our Mess can help in this process and can get family’s back on a fresh start from hoarding.